TC.55 Trailer Crane

Green Lifter

About Product

The GreenLifter TC Trailer Crane on a trailer is a modern solution ideal for the window and construction industry. The crane is made of certified S700 MC steel (Swedish STRENX / WELDOX, German SALZGITTER).

The device is completely independent and independent. It has its own powered by an internal combustion engine. Depending on the specific
configuration cranes on the trailer may have various ranges from 8 to even 12 meters The parameters of the trailer may differ from those given in the catalog.

TC.55 Trailer Crane


Model TC.55
Maximum lifting capacity  2400kg
Extensions Four  hydraulic + one manual
Total reach of extensions 11,2m
Maximum vertical range Over 12m
Crane power supply Vanguard – benzine
4 supports lowered hydraulically, after initial unfolding by hand
Anti-overload system
Radio control of the device

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