Green Lifter

About Product

GreenLifter are high-quality forklifts adapted to work in difficult terrain.
They are distinguished by their reduced weight compared to standard
forklifts and larger and wider wheels thanks to which the pressure on the
ground is low, which allows you to safely drive on, for example, grass
without damaging it. GreeLifter machines also have a large ground
clearance so they can overcome obstacles without hanging on them.
GreenLifter forklifts are adapted to work in horticulture, agriculture,
horticulture, economic activities, etc. Wherever a standard forklift truck
cannot cope with difficult terrain and may be damaged due to work on
an unpaved surface. It will also be appreciated where we want the
ground on which it rides is not damaged.
The highest quality of applied solutions allows for safe and failure-free
operation for a long time.
When you choose GreenLifter forklifts, you choose professional and
modern machines!



Model D15 G18
Lifting capacity (kg) 1500 1800
Machine weight (kg) 2660 2980
Center of gravity (mm) 500
Mast angle front/rear 8°/9°
Fork plate MES 2a
Transmission torque converter
Fuel diesel gas
Engine Toyota Toyota
Model 1DZ-III 4Y
Power (kW) 18 38
Speed (km/h) 23
Tires front 26 x 12.00 – 12
Tires rear 24 -13 x 12
A (mm) 3400
B (mm) 2220
C (mm) 410
D (mm) 1630
E (mm) 2440
F (mm) 710
G (mm) 320
H (mm) 200
I (mm) 1150
J (mm) 2200
K (mm) 1320
L (mm) 2650

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