Electric mini bagger, Electric mini excavator – GDX-1.0

Green Lifter

About Product

GreenLifter electric mini bagger focuses on ecology and economic operation combined with maximum efeciency.
Our priority is to change work standards and increase awareness of the use of the so-called “Green energy”.
Green obliges, therefore the operation of our electric mini excavator is clean, quiet and, above all, future-proof.
The biggest advantages of the GreenLifter GDX1.0 electric mini digger are:
– compact design
– zero exhaust emissions
– a full day of work on a single charge
– noise during operation – less by half
– low weight
– great operator comfort
– high performance
– a wide range of additional equipment

Digging force, dredge lever (ISO 6015)5550 N
Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015)8294 N
Pulling force (theoretically at 90% efciency)9905 N
Geostatic pressure28.80 kPa
The masses
Shipping weight (without working tool)1100 kg
Shipping weight with 40 cm bucket (ISO 6016)1180kg
Drive system battery
Tension51.8 VDC
Capacity11.52 kWh
Electric mini bagger, Electric mini excavator – GDX-1.0


(A) Blade height 220.0 mm
(B) Ground clearance, body on the ground line 363.0 mm
(C) Ground line to top of bonnet 992.0 mm
(D) Length of track on ground 968.0 mm
(E) Machine centerline to 987.0mm blade
(F) Minimum radius in drive position 2153.0 mm
(G) Overall length of track assembly 1280.0 mm
(H) Overall length in drive position 2793.0 mm
(I) Track ear height 16.0 mm
(J) Blade width (without extensions) 710.0 mm
(J) Blade width (with extensions) 1100.0 mm
(K) Height 2209.0 mm
(L) Track width 180.0 mm
(M) Machine centerline to work equipment centerline, counterclockwise 413.0mm
(N) Machine centerline to work equipment centerline, clockwise 471.0mm
(O) Min.turning radius 1121.0 mm
(P) Ground clearance, rear 550.0 mm
(Q) Maximum clockwise working width, long dipper stick 1221.0 mm
(R) Maximum left hand working width, long dipper stick 1162.0 mm
(•) Boom length (between the boom and stick axes) 1276.0 mm
(•) Standard stick length (between stick and bucket axes) 810.0 mm

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